The creation of this website is for archive purposes. With that said, lets get down to the nitty gritty. This website is NOT for minors. We all know they are several lurking among us, pretending to be over the age or what not. I could honestly careless. Though I do have rules. If I know you're underage... I would personally prefer you step away from this page and go else where. I can't personally control what you do from who knows where you live. So I can only ask that you respect my wishes. If not. At least I asked. I'm not held responsable for what you come across and end up getting caught viewing. This page is set to serve a warning, if failed to do so, then heh. Tough.

With the first part said. This is my personal home page, it houses most of the art work I've gotten so far, with a few of them, kept secret. Will I post them, probably not. Will I hide them on this site... well, there's a possiblity that I might. It'll be up to you to find them. So keep an eye out for hidden stuff.

Oh and before I continue, if you don't mind I've been given the okay by several artists to post the art I've commissioned or received as gifts here. If you wish to repost them, give us a little respect and include the original artist name when you do. Don't have to mention me, but at least mention who it was drawn by. Oh yea! Just a side note. If want entry to this page. click on the word 'herms' down below to gain entry. So anyway be prepared though, as this site contains both artwork ranging from G rated to Triple X. Stuff like hermaphrodite artwork is normal here, so if you don't like that, you can turn around now. There are a lot of normal Female and Male images here, but since I have a thing for herms, expect to see some of that stuff here as well. I also have a few images with different kinks, like hyper bits to name one, and Male on Male stuff, though that kind of art isn't very often seen here. So don't expect a lot.

So anyway! These are the rules. Not much do you think. If you don't mind them, then by all means, welcome. I gave my warning, now you're free to go.