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Orlando, Iceland, AU
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General: Anime, Console RPGs, MMORPGs, Dance Dance Revolution, and Biyomon

Music: Eurobeat, J-Pop, J-Rock, Trance, Techno, and music from the 70s to the early 90s.

Movies: Animated films, Imports like Kung Fu films, Action Adventures, and especially comedies.

Television: Rarely watch TV now a day, mostly animated and a few game shows.

Books: Fantasy Adventures. A few Sci-Fi themes, but stuff set in the period of Kings and Queens are my all time favorites.

Status: Online: Mated | Offline: Single
Here For: Friendship and Viewers!
Orientation: Bisexual
Body Type: 5'8~ Average built
Ethnicity: Fire Red/Holy White
Religion: Other
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Children: 1
Smoke: Does puffing a smoke cloud from my breath count?
Education: Some years of College
Income: Over $9,000!





































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About Me:

There's not much about me. You've either heard about me from word of mouth, or pretty much assume I'm something from the various photos floating around this wide world... to which I tell you... actually I'll keep it to my self. Ha. I'm actually not that talkactive. You can ask my sis, around others I'm fairly quiet. I'm not much of a ladies man... I'm just a romantic, who finds himself falling in love far too often. There are people I care for greatly and then they are people who I just like to play around with for the sake of being able to. Ones I care far though out number the ones I just like fooling with.

Normally I'm quite reserve. I tend to be a loner, though I do hang out with others from time to time. I love visiting the Arcades! If I'm not gaming there, I'm usually home gaming playing some long term RPG. I also play MMOs, but I'm more often playing a console RPG than one of those. Though you have Urusei to blame! She got me hooked on this new game call World of Warcraft... only came out recent, but I've found myself hooked. Course she also hates me because I play on the opposing side of the group she plays, but heh! Makes it all more fun when we run into each other!

So yea.. that's all I can think about myself. Might post more, but heh I don't know!

Who I'd like to meet:

And this is why I attend all these conventions! There are far too many people I want to visit to pay for a trip just to visit them one at a time. In general, I just want to meet my friends who I know that I'm on friendly terms with. I'm really shy, so meeting anyone new is out of the question until we meet up in some public place.

Though if anything, if I could meet some famous game designer, I would probably die happy. <3! Yes Yes I would.

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Jan 09 2010 01:36am

*Licks Chocolate Ice-Cream from a cup and blinks* Oh, hiya. Thanks for finally adding me!

Washu has Nothing On Me!

Jan 03 2010 10:40am

Love... why are you only NOW adding me to your friends list... and why am I not even listed above! I'm seriously going to have a word with you when you come home.

~Mother to us All~

Jan 02 2010 6:30pm

Hmm... you seem quite familiar to my daughter! Are we related?

Da 1 and Only, Aurenn

Dec 22 2009 4:19pm

Heey! How come you don't have me listed as one of your top friends! You know dear when you come home you're so going to be getting it!

~Kyera Angelus~

Dec 19 2009 5:16pm

Heh Bro, Happy Birthday! You should also this out ! I've been using it for a while! You should too when you're playing your music.